Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A Rotting Dead Badger is Not a Good Wedding Gift

I've just had to quickly find a gift for a mates wedding so I stuck to the tried and tested tableware approach. I went for some nice crockery and a set of wine glasses.

My mate and his new bride seemed happy enough. Initially I'd thought that the set of wine glasses would be OK, but then my girlfriend said it looked a bit tight so I took advantage of a special offer at John Jenkins Direct and bought a nice 20 piece breakfast set for nearly half price.

Gifts like these are a long way from the ridiculous presents that my mate and I have exchanged in the past. These have included a half eaten kebab (wrapped, addressed and posted), a bag of barbecue charcoal (for a christmas gift), an indeterminate item of roadkill, a used condom, a selection of womes underwear stolen from neighbours washing lines and various engine components removed from his car.

I don't think his new bride would have appreciated a rotting dead badger as a wedding gift.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Lust in a Lift at Heathrow Airport Hotel

A gentleman staying at a popular, well known Heathrow Airport Hotel was surprised when a fellow hotel guest kissed him passionately in the lift.

The chap concerned was returning to his room on one of the upper hotel floors. He entered the lift with a well dressed, attractive woman, probably in her mid to late thirties. She immediately started chatting, talking about how strange it is for people to stand in a lift and not talk.

Within moments she was confiding that lifts made her feel amorous then she dropped her brief case, turned to the chap in the lift and gave him a long, passionate kiss on the lips.

The lift stopped at her floor first at which point she released her fellow lift passenger, straightened her clothes, picked up her brief case and left. The poor chap who'd been subjected to this unsolicited assault was left wondering if it had really happened.

Not wanting to cause a fuss he didn't report the incident to the hotel management. Instead he kept it to himself until he returned to his place of work where he shared his experience with his workmates, and me.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Citroen Berlingo

I just wanted to tell someone, anyone, about my new Citroen Berlingo van. I love it.

I've got the slightly older model on an incredible van leasing deal that is costing me only £139.95 per month. Unbelievable isn't it.

I finally managed to sell my old van a month ago and took out a personal contract hire deal on one of these babies. Ideal for my delivery business. Easy to park, economical and a great looker. Many of my city centre customers have noticed and commented on my flash new van. Probably because it's such an improvement over my rusty old Ford.

So if you are looking for an outstanding van leasing or even a car leasing deal - check out the offers over at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

New Site Where Travellers Come First

It's a wonder there are any high street travel agents left. Surely everybody is booking their holidays online these days.

It has become so easy to find flights, hotels and information online that I am surprised there is still business for travel agents. But it can still be difficult to get feedback on services from previous users. That's where the new website from is different to others offering airport parking, hotels, airport lounges and car hire.
go that extra mile to bring prospective customers a whole load of impartial customer reviews, both good and not so good. It's refreshing to encounter such openness and clear honesty online.

The UK airport parking industry is highly competitive with many companies trying to attract customers with increasingly low, discounted prices. are not only able to compete with the best of these prices, they also go out of their way to provide additional information and services, all from the one web site.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Limited Edition GHD Dark and Pure Straighteners Available Now

Do you want to be one of the first to own a set of limited edition GHD Dark and Pure straighteners? Only available from a highly select handful of UK outlets.

The GHD Dark straighteners
, with a black high gloss finish, are intended for the mysterious and seductive. They come in an irresistible heat resistant decorated black case, presented in a limited edition black box with flock design.

The GHD Pure straighteners are finished in high gloss white. These are aimed at the honest and innocent and come in a heat resistant black case decorated in white, presented in a limited edition white box with black flock design.

Both of these fantastic limited edition styling tools have a full two year warranty and come with the GHD DVD that provides details of how these tools can be used to achieve the latest catwalk hair styles.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Paul Mitchell Products Training at Gaetanos

Gaetano's Salon in Raritan, NJ get some training from Paul Mitchell Products.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Top 5 Beauty Products from Japan

An oldi but a goodie -

Here Adam and Jo checkout beauty products in Japan:

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Eco-Driving Advice

I just came across this brief post that finally clarifies what it is to be an eco-driver. Basically it means doing what you can to save fuel.

The techniques in this post all make sense really. Far too many people use their cars for a quick trip to their local shops, or to take the kids to school when they could easily walk, and maybe work off a few excess pounds.

Times are changing for motorists as new fuel technologies are actually beginning to be seen on the roads. Hybrid vehicles (using conventional fuel in conjuntion with battery powered electric motors) are quite commonplace and it looks like fuel cell technology will be used by Mercedes and Honda by about 2010.

But most of us could be doing a lot more to save fuel, save emissions and contribute less towards global warming by following some of these basic eco-driving steps.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Photography Banned at Popular Antiques Fair

Photography has been banned at the forthcoming Bath Decorative and Antiques Fair to be held in early March (6th - 8th).

The organiser, Robin Coleman, has been in contact with the exhibitors to explain this unprecedented move. This particularly popular fair is in its 19th year and organisers want attendeed to have the first opportunity to buy from exhibitors.

One prominent dealer in fine antique mirrors who will not be attending is Tony Williams. Due to the prohibitive expense of exhibiting he has opted to concentrate on his website where you can see a fine selection of his antique, restored and reproduction antique mirrors and overmantels from the 19th century.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Free Competition and Free Delivery from The Beauty Room

The Beauty Room are currently running a free competition for a whole load of beauty products from their website. The competition is called 'Motherly Love' and just requires an answer to a very simple question. And if you recommend 3 friends you will double your chances of winning a prize!

They are also offering free standard delivery on all products which is excellent as this means that the prices you see on their site are the prices you will pay with no surprise delivery charges. Ideal for mothers day, so pop along and check out some of their mothers day gift ideas.